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Podcast Ideas

Every couple of weeks I try to post new podcasts ideas that I am either working on as CEO or ideas that I just can't get out of my head. I have had a couple that I have been thinking about a lot recently, particularly the Spotify lists and ASMR content. That kind of content can be very valuable as the market for new content starts to open up.

ASMR Podcasts

I know Podcasts aren’t Youtube or Music, that much is apparent. That being said, many people sure Youtube and Spotify as background noise. My Wife listens to cafe sounds and I personally listen to a silly amount of Lofi hiphop channels while I’m working. IT’s nice just to have something soothing in the background. I amazing would it be to have a nice 5-hour playlist on loop of a variety of sounds. Heck IKEA made an amazing podcast just reading the names of their furniture as a bedtime podcast, I don’t see why you couldn’t reverse engineer the sound of a beach, coffee shop, the streets in Tokyo, or a wide variety of other chucks of background noise. The only had part about this type of content would be categorizing it. Then again, this is a blog post about experimental podcast ideas. 

Creator Submission Stories

After a silly amount of research on this type of topic, we found a number of channels that used listener submitted stories and simply re-cut the content, did a voice-over, and animated it. Everyone wants their story to be heard, which is why many channels are able to invite super cool guests. They want to talk to and someone to listen. What if you didn’t have to write your content, your story every week but simply had to edit and read? If you had a unique niche you could become the stage for many people looking to elevate their voice to the conversation you are literally holding. This type of podcast to me is super fun and very very powerful. 

Recut Content

This has been done before but not at scale. Gary Vaynerchuk is the king of this, taking content he has done before; a keynote, interview, or Q&A, adding a new intro talking about the content and republishing it on a new platform. Super amazing. But with the bloggers, content creators, motivational speakers, and other people with the gift of the gab not jumping on this I’m always taken aback. IF you can repurpose a library of content, then the only work that needs to be done is tagging, optimization, distribution, and production. You don’t have to talk twice if you recorded it once. Also, Ryan Serhant, I have already personally made 5 episodes for you, so if you’d like to get back to me, I can have a year’s worth of content for you in a couple of days. Just as a heads up. 

Quote Podcast

Evan Carmichael is the king of this, and you have to be super careful with copyright, but having an editing heavy should and adding quotes from famous people and important thought leaders for 5 minutes or whatever a day is a very unique method to attract a crowd. And while this type of show does not give authority to the host, it has high-level scaleability. You could even do this in such a way that you take audio bites of a variety of podcasts and email them to see if you can use a chunk of other content as a feature and build a community around yourself. It just takes a good ear and a fantastic memory.

Podcast Playlists

I wrote a whole article on this a couple of weeks ago, but podcast playlists are a fantastic opportunity right now. Making a personally curated list that you update regularly is a fantastic way to increase exposure, and start growing a unique audience that in making ways gives you a mental connection two other potentially bigger shows. This is also an amazing way to put out content in a new way and feature other podcasters in your circle.

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