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You deserve the best, and so does your podcast. At LaunchPod, we're passionate about building something we can be proud of. We believe that your podcast deserves to be heard, so let us help you elevate your voice.

What makes us different?

Here’s what we’re going to learn in this webinar:


We launched LPM in 2019 and quickly rose the podcasting ranks, thanks to our years of experience in digital content creation, marketing, and business.


Each of our team members has something unique they bring to the table. They are what makes LPM the standard for podcasting excellence.


Our clients are some pretty fantastic people, driven by their passions. It’s a privilege to know them and to work with them in achieving their dreams.


The Technology behind our processes is what gives us that industry edge that will set you apart from your competition and us ours.

Our Story

From a small studio in Provo, to the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, LPM has been a work of passion, constant improvement, and change. Thanks to the people around us, including our family, friends, mentors, partners, and clients. 

At the roots of LPM you’ll find people who are truly passionate about what they do in podcasting because that’s how we started out—as podcast hosts ourselves. Each one of us has sat behind the microphone and pushed to make 'something that we can be proud of' which stands as our motto.

Now this little piece of the universe, our company, has grown to be one of the largest podcast agencies in the United States alongside being more of the most successful. Rising to become top podcast company in search, data, analytics, research, production, and strategy.

We’re proud to say that the horizon looks bright for LPM. We’ve come a long way since recording in the that little studio…and we’re not stopping until we’re the top podcast data and analytics agency in the world.

To all of the people who have made LaunchPod Media what it is,

Thank you

Our awesome team

Johnny Dinkel

CEO/President | Co-Founder | Fearless Leader

Johnny leads the vision of the company alongside both Dee Kei and John Sorenson. With an amazing talent for systems and languages hosted and ran the top Japanese Language podcast 'Learn Japanese w/ Manga Sensei' for many years before it morphed into LaunchPod Media.

Outside of LaunchPod Johnny likes camping without a tent, Magic the Gathering, tattoos, skateboarding, and dog training; like a normal CEO.

John Sorenson

COO, Co-Founder | Man of Many and Few Words

John is one of our Co-Founders at LPM. As COO, he's heavily involved in the daily grind, making sure the office runs like a well-oiled machine. Using his background in comparative literature and the audio arts, he's an expert at market research and testing. His analyses are always spot on.

In his free time John is busy being a fantastic cat dad and husband. You can find him in his studio making beautiful, mid-century inspired wooden furniture. Aside from being fluent in Japanese, he loves to cook and he shares his creations with those closest to him who appreciate a good meal.

Dee Kei Waddell

Co-Founder | Podcast Host | Master of the Mix

Dee Kei is our Co-Founder over yonder. He's also the Creative Officer of LPM and is a member of The Recording Academy. He's an industry recognized music producer and audio engineer with a background in creative and content strategy.

As a self described "professional nerd," Dee Kei enjoys mixing music and making beats daily. He's a family man and regularly enjoys writing children's books with his wife. He's the brains behind the Mixing Music Podcast which is a chart-topping production explaining all things audio and business.

Ever Gonzalez

Head of Partnerships | Filthy Capitalist with a Hippy Heart

Ever Gonzalez is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of OutlierHQ, a media and events company renowned for bringing together podcasters, content creators, and industry experts from around the globe. With a passion for storytelling and innovation, Ever has made it his mission to empower the voices of entrepreneurs, creatives, and change-makers through the power of podcasting. Joining the team at LMP as the Head of Partnerships, Ever hopes to continue his mission as a leader and mentor in the world of podcasting and entrepreneurship.

Jordan Steinaglel

Audio Engineer | Noise Ninja

Jordan Steinagel is one of our main Audio Engineers here at LaunchPod Media. He manages everything in audio from walking our clients through getting everything set up for their recording framework, to editing and vetting each episode to ensure it's of the highest quality.

In Jordan's free time, he likes to compose instrumental and cinematic music, watch movies, spend time and socialize with friends and family, work out, and practice videography.

McKenna Guttery

Outreach Specialist | Critter Friend

Kenna is one of the Outreach Specialists here at LPM. She loves learning and helping clients accomplish all of their podcasting goals through creating real connections and relationships. A naturally inclusive and community-centered person, she moves LPM forward with an ethical and empathetic approach. Outside of work, Kenna can be found spending time with her family, hiking, rock climbing, playing guitar, volunteering, taking subpar film photos, and writing. She loves working with her hands which ultimately means starting lots of creative side projects that she may or may not intend to finish.

Tessa Johnson

Content Writer | Spooky Enthusiast

Tessa is our company Content Writer. She enjoys telling stories and knows how to frame a narrative, which directly translates into her ability to carefully curate works that fit each of our client's written needs.

When she isn't working, you can find her listening to metal, roaming the mountains with her pup, painting, or watching horror movies year round. She is obsessed with food and enjoys developing her own mouth watering recipes.

Jordyn Bates

Outreach Specialist | Crunchy Climber

Jordyn Bates is a skilled Outreach Specialist at LPM due to her background in strategic communications, political science, and campaign management. Navigating both the analytical and creative sides of podcast production is a welcome challenge for her. Jordyn's holistic and dynamic approach to multiplatform messaging masterfully proliferates the vision of every LaunchPod client. Between executing chart breaking launches and facilitating industry-shaping collaborations, you can find her climbing up a cliff face or smothering her cat, Chairman Meow.

Thatcher Dinkel

Accounts Payable | Ball is Life

Thatcher is our company mascot. She lovingly greets everyone with a wag of her tail and as many toys as she can fit in her mouth all at once. Her personal record is three tennis balls. Her hobbies include demanding belly rubs, chasing her own tail, and pushing the humans around in their rolling office chairs. If you receive your bill and it's partially chewed, she will not be held liable.