Getting You


Don't podcast alone. We'll guide you through every step of the process. We've been turning shows into industry giants since 2019.

Our Process

  • Onboarding
  • Market Research
  • Testing
  • Content Development
  • Orbit

Getting to know you. Getting to know us.

Consider this the dating stage of our relationship.

Step 1

Educate us about your business, audience, and goals for your new podcast.

Step 2

Meet with your new podcasting team and review your podcasting vision and style.

Step 3

Begin consultation on what recording hardware and software to record from wherever you are in the world.

Market Research

Our team of experienced podcast strategists take the reins

and comb the industry to establish the best production plan.

Step 4

We research your specific industry and podcasting vertical and uncover the methodology to elevate your show.

Step 5

We find the common podcasting mistakes that your industry makes so we can get ahead of the curve

Step 6

Meet with our team to go over your personalized strategy for launching your podcast.


Understanding how your podcast will hit your target

audience through demographic testing.

Step 7

Optimize your podcast SEO for Apple Podcasts and Spotify with the right keywords, tags, and titles.

Step 8

Build an audience profile and identify core characteristics of who they are and what, when, and how they listen.

Step 9

Deliver a testing report that shows the structure of what works best for your show based on your audience.

Content Development

From choosing cover art to background music,

this where the creativity flows.

Step 10

Find your perfect music, cover art, logo, design, and shareable options to give your podcast the extra oomph.

Step 11

Build a lineup of top notch guests, develop promotional content, & repurpose show into multiple mediums.

Step 12

Now with all systems go, prepare to launch your podcast into the stratosphere.


Getting your Podcast launched is just the beginning.

Now comes the growth.


Once your podcast has launched, trust our team to keep you flying high. Some of our monthly services include the following:

  • Podcast optimization. Including tagging, titling, keyword research, and categorization.
  • Monthly analytic reports, with the top analytics in the industry.
  • Guest booking, coordination, and outreach services.
  • Podcast audio setup, production, and post production.
  • Show note, blog, transcript, feature, and promotion writing.
  • Podcast asset creation for social media, including video.
  • Media and advertisement management.

Interpreting data for

maximized return.

Welcome to the new way to podcast where everything we do is backed by data. We use the best podcasting analytics, detailed testing, and research to gain audience insights and steer the direction of your podcast's success.

Leverage the power AI for your PODCAST

Register for our Open BETA of '' our new podcast software that turns blog articles into engaging podcasts.

Say hello to your new


Meet the exceptionally talented individuals who make up LPM. We're a creative bunch bunch of nerds with a common passion for podcasting. With excellence as our standard, we stop at nothing to help you achieve your goals. We might be biased, but we think our team is pretty great.