How to create a podcast with the help of AI: Supercharging the creative process

AI tools are all the rage, but have you actually thought about how you can use them to your advantage as a podcaster? In this article, we’ll take a look at how you can utilize AI, specifically ChatGPT, to create a podcast from start to finish. No matter your podcasting category or theme, there’s something for everyone in this post, even if you’ve already started a podcast and just need a little inspiration. Now, let’s create a podcast together with the help of ChatGPT!

Starting a podcast can be tricky. With the help of AI tools like ChatGPT, the creation process is a breeze. If you aren’t familiar with ChatGPT, it’s a language model-based chatbot that was created by the American company, OpenAI. You can ask it a question or give it a prompt, and it will give you an answer. The answer might not always be accurate but it’s a good starting point for most. 

Perhaps you’re a creative person but you’re stumped on where to take your podcast next. Maybe you want to start a podcast but don’t know what to name your show or what kinds of topics to cover. Worry not - this happens even for the most artistic of minds. This is why tools like ChatGPT can be so useful for those of us experiencing creator overwhelm because it can help us push beyond the mental roadblocks by suggesting topics, themes, titles, show notes, and everything in between to help you get back on the podcasting track.

Choosing your podcast theme and title

The first step to creating a podcast is knowing what you want to talk about. It helps to write down your interests. For the sake of this article, pretend you’re interested in cooking, baking, and everything culinary, but you also have a knack for the arts. Why not start a podcast based on the things you’re the most passionate about? 

Take a look at the example below to see what we asked ChatGPT and the answer it provided for us. Our question or prompt is in the darker gray and the chatbot’s response is in the lighter gray beneath it:

We’d like to reiterate that you don’t have to have a podcast about cooking and art to follow along with this tutorial. You could input any of your interests in any combination and see what Chat has to say about it. The possibilities are endless - true crime, nature, bowling, investing, therapy, bird watching, parenting, reaction content, finance. If there’s an interest in it, you can bet there’s a podcast about it. And if there isn’t, now’s your chance to make one!

Once you’ve chosen a podcast theme, it’s time to choose a title. The great thing about ChatGPT is you can ask it to provide a list of 100 different podcast titles based on your themes like art and cooking, as modeled below:

Yes, your podcast needs thumbnail art

Have you ever been browsing around on a podcast streaming service like Spotify or Apple Podcasts, looking for something new to listen to, only to find a show that has no thumbnail image? It’s a little off-putting, isn’t it? It almost makes you wonder if the show is even still operating! Don’t be that host. Pick an image. AI is here to help.

If you don’t know what kind of image to use for your podcast art, try inputting the themes or title of your podcast into a prompt and ask ChatGPT what kind of image it suggests using. You never know what it will come up with or how its responses can get the creative juices flowing.

Additionally, there are plenty of AI services available that provide generated art. Simply go to a tool like DALL-E or Dream by Wombo and add a description of the art you have in mind. The bot will generate some helpful art ideas and even if you don’t like what it makes, at least you now have visuals for what you don’t want to be the face of your podcast.

How to come up with episode topics

As a podcast creator, it’s always a good idea to keep an updated list of potential episode topics nearby to refer to when you need inspiration. If you don’t have one handy, try asking ChatGPT for topic ideas like so:

Here are some examples of episode topic prompts to ask Chat:

  • What topics should I cover on my podcast about true crime in North America?
  • I have a podcast about film history. What film from the 1970s should I discuss next?
  • What topics should I cover on my podcast about fashion through the decades besides typical fashion staples?
  • I have a podcast about space exploration but I want to make it easy for children to understand. What topics about outer space should I discuss that are enjoyable for a wide range of ages?

Also, make sure to check out our guide to learn how to level up your podcast script with the power of AI for more inspiration.

If you're looking for a specific topic based on a specific idea, you can absolutely ask Chat to provide some inspiration:

How AI improves the guest interview experience

Another thing to consider as a podcast creator is having guests on your show. Collaboration in this space is a great way to grow your audience and to make friends within the community. 

Having a guest on your podcast for the first time can be intimidating to say the least, especially if you prefer one-sided conversations to a microphone. Using our tips to create an excellent guest interview backed with the power of AI, you can have a seamless experience which will ultimately make your show look and sound really good to your guests and the audience. 

Try asking Chat for interview questions or ideas for topics based around your guest’s credentials and expertise:

Other ideas…

There’s truly no limit to what you can ask ChatGPT when it comes to podcasting. If you need ideas for background music, intro/outro scripts, or even promotional strategies, this is the perfect tool to add to your podcasting tool belt!

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