How to Develop a Podcast Brand Identity | 6 Creative Tactics

The podcast industry is booming more than ever before and the amount of podcasts is quickly on the rise. With so many podcasts out there, it’s very important that you start to establish your brand identity early on. This entails dedicating social media accounts to your podcast as well as publishing your show on various platforms. In this article you’ll find 6 creative ways to help you develop your own podcast identity using innovative marketing tactics to establish your online presence.

1.) Start with the basics: identify your niche

No matter what tactics you decide to go with, the first thing every podcaster should do is to identify their niche. Take the time to figure out who your target audience is and the kind of content you want to produce. What topics are you going to cover? Will you have guests on your show for exclusive interviews? How often will you post episodes? How long will each episode be? Once you have these basics established then you can proceed to create all the unique visuals for your branding. Identifying your niche will help you decide on what kind of background music to use as well as other details like logo design and verbiage.

2.) Develop a consistent brand voice

As we always say, consistency is key to podcasting success. This applies to all aspects of producing a podcast like episode frequency, social media posts, audio quality and editing style, as well as staying consistent with your show’s tone, AKA your brand voice. 

The kind of message you want to convey needs to be reflected in your brand’s voice and to establish its voice, consider the tone of your podcast and how it’s perceived by the audience. Is your tone more serious or more comical? Does your podcast flow like a conversation or more like a news story? Is your content funny and irreverent or is it informative and serious? Once you’ve determined your brand voice, stay consistent and use it across all of your content including podcast episode formats, newsletters, and social media posts.

3.) Harness the power of a unique visual identity

Don’t underestimate how big of a difference a unique visual identity can make. Part of developing your brand identity is finding ways to stand out from your competitors and one of the easiest ways to do this is to create a visually interesting look for your podcast. 

Of course podcasting is all about the audio, but having a unique logo or podcast thumbnail is a great way to add credibility to your show. For example, podcasts that have a blank square with no writing or images might be assumed to be shut down. Podcasts with logos that look refined and match the tone, adds valuable credibility to your show. 

If you are unable to make your own thumbnail and logo, consider reaching out to a graphic artist for help.

4.) Utilize social media

Social media is no doubt a great way for marketers to reach their target audience and is commonly used by brands to create a connection with their followers. So, why not use the same method to connect with your current and potential listeners?

Instagram and TikTok have become the podcaster’s advertising platforms. The sites allow posters to create original content and promote through specific hashtags so they reach the target demographic. 

Listeners are more likely to engage with a podcast when the show has an online presence through social media, rather than just listening platforms. Sure, they can leave reviews on Spotify and Apple to give their feedback, but that’s about where the engagement stops. Social media is a much more interactive way to reach out to and interact with your listeners.

5.) Networking through email campaigns and newsletters

We’ve all been there - deleting email after email of spam marketing. Annoying, right? To avoid your hard work going to the digital trash, it’s important to make your newsletters informative and engaging. As mentioned above, audience engagement helps to boost your online presence so writing a thoughtful newsletter, full of helpful information and links can help your efforts stand out among the inbox junk.

When writing a newsletter, write with confidence. When this tone is easily detected, it adds an element of authority and credibility to your message, which is something you can’t buy. 

Take a look at your inbox and old campaigns you’ve been sent from various brands. What do you like or dislike about their emails? What makes them annoying? Are they too long and too salesy? No one likes to know they’re being sold to. 

Take note of what you notice about those campaigns and apply the methods to your own newsletters using your brand voice! This is a great tactic to help your emails stand out.

6.) Partner with guests and other podcasters

This is an essential part of podcast growth. If you want to spread the word about your show, grow your listener base, and even expand your social media reach, then you absolutely need to have guests on your show.

Here’s our guide to finding the perfect podcast guests, as well as how to prepare them for recording an episode. 

Having guests on your podcast is crucial to growth and we advise all of our clients to employ this tactic early on in their show’s infancy. In particular, look for other podcasters or people on social media who have a larger audience than you, within realistic expectations. If you’re just starting a podcast but ask Joe Rogan to be on your show, chances are high he won’t even look at your email. Within reason, find a guest who’s likely to share their episode with you on their social media, or who will promote it on their own podcast. This facilitates natural growth and is sure to boost your downloads.

This in turn, helps to build your podcast’s brand identity because the more content you create with like minded people, the more you start to grow your own community. Speaking of establishing your tone, this also helps in that area greatly if you have people on your podcast who enhance your brand’s overall message and tone. 

Thanks for reading our 6 creative tactics to help you develop a podcast brand identity! Please feel free to reach out to a specialist at LPM for all your podcasting needs.

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