Podcasting in Downtown

Salt Lake City.

Podcasting should only be done in a place that making being on location matter.

Which is why we are happy to partner with Kiln SLC. Come meet the team, check out the studio, and record your show!

Schedule a time to record your podcast

Our podcast studios are here for you.

Use the calendar on this page to book a time to use our state of the art studio. All we ask is that you use your business email and choose a time that works for you.

We are dedicated to making the studio experience as easy as possible which is why you will not only find a podcast studio outfitted with all the bells and whistles, but also in a picturesque location.

Please feel free to share this page. We know that the more people we get tin the studio the more good we can do.

We are proud to partner with KILN to make something really cool.

Please book a time today.

About LaunchPod Media's free studios

"We care about our community. Which is why at the end of the day we care more about being a hometown hero than a national success. If we don't help the businesses in our backyard, then we have to right to say we help anyone. Which is why we started opening studios that businesses can use for free.

We hope that these studios create amazing podcasts that generate revenue, elevate brands, and improve our communities."

-John Dinkel, LaunchPod Media CEO & President