The Evolution of Employee Learning | Why Your Company Needs a Training Podcast

In the digital age, where information is readily available and attention spans are shrinking, companies are desperately trying to engage with and educate their employees in an innovative way. Of the many reasons why your business would benefit from a company podcast, engaging your employees is one of the most rewarding benefits a podcast can provide. Not only is a podcast accessible and versatile, it’s the perfect tool for training employees and educating your crew using this unique medium. 

Below we’ll discover just how you can use a company podcast to your advantage. You might be surprised to learn the numerous benefits one offers.

The growing popularity of podcasts in the corporate world

Podcasting is our bread and butter at LPM. We specialize in personal podcasts and corporate podcasts! Our business-oriented clients harness the power of podcasting as a creative marketing tool to attract their target audience and build a loyal following, which helps build their business exponentially. 

In recent years, podcasts have boomed in the corporate world. Some companies use a podcast to connect with their customers and others use it as a way to inform potential customers about their business. But, have you ever considered taking advantage of a corporate podcast by using it to train employees? Here are some key reasons why a company podcast can be a valuable addition to any training strategy:

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Training has never been so accessible and convenient

One of the primary benefits of a company podcast is its accessibility. This medium is perfect for learning while on the go and works well for different kinds of learners. Rather than sitting your new employees down and making them read a training manual or take notes from a soul-crushingly boring presentation, why not have them listen to a podcast while they do easy week one tasks? 

For example, imagine you own a retail store and the new recruits are required to learn the brand’s history in case a customer has a relevant question. (This happens more than you think!) It would be more cost effective and productive to have the new employee listen to a podcast about the company’s history while they fold clothes for the shelves or organize the stockroom.

In other cases, a training podcast would be helpful for employees who need to learn specific parts of the job like how a piece of equipment works or how to navigate different systems. 

Company podcasts are extremely convenient because you can add helpful information and links for further learning in the show notes of each episode. On top of that, employees can listen to podcasts on their own time, whether during their commute or during downtime, eliminating the need for dedicated training sessions. Of course this medium doesn’t fit every company’s training strategy but with a little bit of reorganization, a podcast is the perfect way to get employees on board with processes and even works well to keep them up to date on essential information!

Podcasting - the informal information training source

Most traditional training methods can feel rigid and formal, giving an unpleasant experience during the new employee’s first week at a company. To avoid high turnover rates, it’s often advised to make this period fun and welcoming. What better way to do that than with a podcast? 

What’s great about a company podcast is how customizable the experience is. You can add music and sound effects, paint an image with words, and pair it with interview clips that make the experience truly unique and fun to listen to. Whatever your mission is as a brand, the same essence can be directly replicated through thoughtful podcasting production - something we love to help companies master. 

Everyone learns differently, which is why the “sit at a computer all day and watch training videos” model isn’t super effective. Having the option of listening to a podcast can be an enriching option for those who prefer to be more hands on while listening to something entertaining. Expand your training options and see the difference!

How a company podcast benefits current employees

Current employees can benefit greatly from a company podcast. Rather than having them redo training every time a new policy arises, have them listen to a new podcast episode. This is a great way to get them up to speed quickly on new policies without having to organize meetings and mandatory training. Podcasts empower employees to stay up to date on emerging technologies and new developments within the company. Additionally, they can learn insights directly from the top with a podcast, including industry experts and experienced professionals in their field. 

A company podcast can be an enriching tool used in the workplace to boost productivity, inclusivity, and employee creativity. When it comes to attracting your target customers, this is the perfect medium to start with! 

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