The Top 15 Useful AI Tools Every Podcaster Needs to Know About

You’re probably well aware that in today’s digital landscape, content is king. It’s everywhere and if your business isn’t producing brand-specific content, it’s time to get started! 

As a podcast creator, it’s extremely important that you develop high-quality content. Listeners are quick to leave bad reviews when they can tell the host didn’t do their research and their points aren’t factual or presented professionally. They’re also quick to pick up on bad audio quality and editing in post-production. If you can avoid these issues early into your podcast, do it! It’s worth the investment. 

A quality audio production involves many elements like good gear and best practices for recording, which you can find expert tips for here.

Podcasts, in particular, offer brands a unique advantage for brands by providing an intimate and personal way to connect with your listeners and in many cases, potential listeners. AI is changing the way podcasters create content and how companies do business, so why not combine the two? 

Utilizing the power of AI tools can help podcasters streamline their production process, enhance their content, and ultimately create a more impactful podcast. Think of all the opportunities this presents like attracting target audiences, translating downloads into sales, and exponentially expanding your reach online!

Below is a list of our favorite 15 AI tools that can be used for podcasting. Each is extremely useful in its own way. Hopefully you can find some value in them on your podcasting journey too!

***Disclaimer: None of the websites on the list are sponsored or endorsed. They are simply the sites we love that have been helpful in our podcasting endeavors.***

1 - Descript

Number one on the list is Descript, an AI-powered audio and video editing tool. It’s a great tool for those looking for a quick and easy way to edit audio. It works by transcribing an audio file, which you then get to highlight or delete sections of the audio simply by editing the transcript.

2 - is an excellent speech to transcription AI tool. This is a good option for people looking to add captions to their live streams or other video podcast formats. It also works for taking live notes!

3 - Auphonic

Described as an audio autopilot, Auphonic is a tool perfect for assisting in podcast post-production. It uses AI to automatically adjust levels, reduce noise, and improve the overall sound quality of your podcast recordings. 

4 - Krisp

Krisp is a noise-canceling AI tool that also reduces background noise and removes echos! If you record in a noisy environment, this is the tool for you! Consider using it if you want a “krisper” sounding voice during recording.

5 - Jasper AI

Previously known as Jarvis, Jasper AI is a copywriting tool that can help you create compelling show notes, episode summaries, and social media content to promote your podcast. If you write blog articles or episode show notes of any kind, this is a great way to get the job done faster. It gives your writing an edge with content tailored to you!

6 - Headliner

Headliner was made for those looking to promote their content on social media. It creates audio segments of highlights from the episode and formats them in a way that’s easy to post on social media platforms. 

7 - BeyondWords

Another AI tool on this list that has recently been rebranded is BeyondWords, previously SpeechKit. This is a text-to-speech platform perfect for converting podcast notes into speech, using a natural-sounding synthetic voice. 

8 - Zencastr

The great thing about Zencastr is its ease of use. It makes recording with people in other locations a breeze. This AI tool enables creators to record quality audio together, no matter what part of the world they’re in. 

9 - is another remote recording tool that uses AI to synchronize audio and video tracks, ensuring high-quality and professional podcast interviews. If you’re looking for quality audio, this is the AI for you. 

10 - Pictory

Pictory is another autopilot kind of AI used for video content creation. It automatically picks out highlights from the video and creates a shareable snippet. Those looking to add captions to their social media posts or enhance marketing tactics with video, should definitely check this AI tool out.

11 - Alitu

Alitu is a one-stop-shop kind of podcasting tool that uses AI to help you record, edit, and host your podcast. If you don’t know the differences between those, here’s a helpful guide to understand podcast hosting and publishing.

12 - Podcastle

Podcastle is a podcast recording, editing, and transcribing, AI-backed service for creators. With a focus on production value, this tool is a good option for those doing remote podcast interviews.

13 - Deepgram

Deepgram is another audio transcription service powered by an AI speech recognition tool. It’s excellent for phone and video calls and works to understand natural speech with an emphasis on readability. 

14 - Podchaser

This is a podcasting database that strives to connect people with other podcasts. Discoverability and networking are big parts of the Podchaser platform, helping people find relevant guests, podcasts, and information about specific shows.

15 - Serenade

Lastly, if you’re looking to write your very own RSS feed rather than have a service provide one for you, Serenade automatically translates speech to coding text so you don’t have to remember keyboard shortcuts. It can help you stay productive just by using your voice to write the code.

In conclusion, the podcasting landscape is becoming more and more competitive over time and it’s important for creators to stay on top of their game. Many are opting for the traditional podcasting route but we’ve found that AI can be an essential tool for making a high-quality production. If you’re looking to save time, elevate your content, and even come up with new episode ideas, with the help of AI, you can accomplish all of this and more! 

As we always say, consistency is key to podcasting success. This means posting content consistently, staying true to the original themes of the show, and finding your unique identity among the podcasting world. There are millions of podcasts out there so standing out from the competition requires a little ingenuity and creativity. AI can help you stand out and connect better with your audience, as well as target markets! This is a great way to help you earn your spot on the charts, further making your show the standard. 

Remember, no matter how far along you are on your podcasting journey, AI can revolutionize your experience and it’s never too late to start. Hopefully the list above will help you along the way. Happy podcasting!

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