How to Promote Your Podcast on Social Media Crash Course | Facebook

Welcome to our crash course series we’ve created to help you promote your podcast content on various social media sites. Last week we covered Instagram, and why this platform is a great tool for podcast advertising. In this article, we’ll dive into Facebook, how it can be used for podcast promotion, and what kinds of podcasts thrive on Facebook. 

As podcasts continue to grow and expand in the coming years, it’s important to stay on top of your advertising strategy on social media. One platform that offers immense potential for podcast promotion is Facebook. With billions of active users, Facebook presents a golden opportunity to engage with listeners and build a loyal community.

Understanding your podcast’s audience

Before embarking on any promotional journey, it's essential to know your target audience. Why? Because knowing your target audience can help you identify key advertising strategies, starting with what social media platform to reach your demographics through.

Your social media platform of choice can change depending on your podcast’s content. For example, younger demographics are more likely to use Instagram for social media whereas older audiences are more likely to be found on Facebook. Podcasts that successfully advertise on Facebook typically fall into the parenting and family or business topics. **Of course, your podcast doesn’t have to fall into these categories and you can use Facebook to build a podcast community regardless of your topics.**

No matter your podcast category, Facebook provides a perfect platform for expanding your network and building your podcast community.

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Creating a captivating Facebook page and for your podcast

The first step to using Facebook for your podcast is creating a Facebook page where your listeners can connect with you, each other, and your content. First impressions in this industry are important, which is why you need to be extra attentive and thoughtful in creating a landing page for your community. Make sure to keep your page name the same as your podcast’s name so your account is easily identifiable when users search for you. Optimize your Facebook page with well-crafted graphics and posts, visually-appealing pictures, and a compelling “about” section to give your followers a taste of the kind of themes and content they can expect to hear in the podcast.

Stay active with your Facebook community and engage with them on your posts. Foster discussions about past episodes and try hosting Q&A sessions to get topic ideas and valuable feedback from your listeners. Cultivating an active and passionate community centered around your content is a great way to gain listeners and further establish your podcast presence online.

How to advertise your podcast in Facebook groups

A great way to spread the word about your podcast through Facebook is to post about your show in various related groups. For example, if your podcast is about parenting, try posting about your show in parenting groups. Remember to always follow the group guidelines to avoid getting blocked by the group admins. This is especially important when you do multiple posts. Some groups require a specific ratio for posting regular content to advertising content to ensure that their group stays interesting and engaged. Other groups might have a zero tolerance policy for advertising posts. 

When creating a post in a relevant group, stay in the guidelines, use an eye-catching image, and include links so the readers know where to find your podcast.

Another tactic for building your online presence through Facebook is to collaborate with other Facebook pages in podcasting. Ask them to promote your page and podcast in return for an episode interview on your show. Make sure you maintain these relationships because they can be the key ingredient for expanding your followers and gaining listeners. 

Lastly, it’s vital that you stay consistent! Stick to a posting schedule and aesthetic so your brand image is the same across the web. Happy podcasting!

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